Dahntay Jones trips & injures Kobe Bryant on purpose? He “Jalen Rose’d me”

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Kobe Bryant Jalen Rose

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Kobe said his ankle sprain, courtesy of Dahntay Jones, is the worst he’s suffered since his 2000 NBA playoff ankle sprain – courtesy of Jalen Rose.

Rose admitted he tried to hurt Kobe and you make the call if you think Jones’ trip was intentional or not.  Kobe only missed 1 game due to the 2000 sprain and eventually got revenge in the form of a championship and 81 points on Rose.  I think Kobe will miss more than 1 game with this injury but I expect him to serve up some cold revenge on Jones in the future in the form of a NBA record for oldest player to score X amount of points.

Jones took to Twitter to claim his innocence.

Kobe’s wife took to Instagram to show a pic of his ankle.


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