Dajuan Wagner resurfaces in new Heritage Hoops Basketball League Mix

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Dajuan Wagner

Do you remember that kid that put up 100 points in a game and wasn’t ridiculed for it like that Jack Taylor kid. Do you remember that high school kid that was on the cover of Sports Illustrated before LeBron.  Do you remember that 19 year old the Cleveland Cavs drafted that was supposed to be the king of the city before LeBron.  That kid was Dajuan Wagner, a 6’2 scoring machine that averaged 43 points a game during his senior year at Camden High .  Unfortunately everything that happened to that young man with a tattoo that says “Messiah” on his bicep after those glory days in New Jersey were far from glorious.  His college coach, John Calipari, revoked his scholarship, he was drafted by the Cavs with the 6th pick but had a disappointing, on and off the court, rookie season and he spent the next few seasons battling injuries (everything from ankles, knees to his liver, pancreas and bladder) that followed him to Golden State and even Poland.

So here we are, 7 years after his “pro days,” and enjoying  a new Ballin365 Mixtape showcasing Dajuan Wagner playing in the Heritage Hoops Basketball League.  The video starts off with Wagner telling a defender, “Switch off me you feel me, cause i’m a keep attacking you. I’m a tough motherfucker,” then proceeds to show us 3 minutes of Wagner burying pull up jumpers and 3 pointers in the face of every person in the gym that tried to guard him.

The video initially brought a smile to my face but midway through some sadness came in as I though back to the stories I heard back in 2000 about the greatest shooting guard in high school history.

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