Damian Lillard Talks about Inspiration of #4barfriday at adidas Crazy Light Shoe Release!

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adidas just dropped the Crazy Light shoe featuring their new Boost Technology this last Sunday at MGM grand Arena in Las Vegas. They have also decided to make this shoe the signature shoe of Damian Lillard whom we have posted about on a regular basis because of his #4barfriday that he does on Twitter. Lillard was being interviewed by Greg Anthony and was kind of put on the spot to spit on stage. His response was what I had expected. Without a beat, he put out 4 bars on the spot.

Afterwards we got a chance to catch up with Dame, we asked him about the importance of this last week in particular to AAU basketball. Last week was the last live viewing period for college coaches. If you do not follow high school as heavily as we do, basically what it means is this.

There are specific times where a college coach can come out to a game to watch a kid play in order to recruit that player. The last week of Live viewing was this last week which is why there were 3 large events (Fab48, Super 64 & Las Vegas Classic) all going on at the same time.


The importance of this is, Dame was not recruited until very late in his high school career. As he states in the video, he came into the summer without any scholarship options. He left the summer with MANY options. One of the things he spoke about towards the end of the interview was mixtapes. We obviously make a ton of mixtapes and is how we built this site up. What he said though, I agree with 100% and have always felt this way. He said that kids need to stop playing for the camera and just play basketball. If you want to advance passed high school, your goal should not be to get the best mixtape possible, but to play the best basketball possible. I actually have more fun creating a mixtape on a player who is just a great basketball player and is doing what he is supposed to be doing on the court rather than watching a kid try to make a flashy play each time down the court. Not only does it get frustrating to watch, but ultimately it can put that player in a negative light with regards to college recruitment. Kudos to you Dame, and thanks for your time!

Check out Dame’s new signature Crazy Light Boost shoe below – (The Crazy Light Boost will go on sale for $140 on 10/23/2014)

Damian Lillard Boost Blue

Damian Lillard Crazy Light

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