Damian Lillard Confronts Chris Paul About Late-Game Layup

Chris Paul scored a season-high 37 points on 29 shots in a win against the Blazers on Wednesday night. The 29 shots tied his career-high for most shot attempts in a regulation game. After the 121-112 victory, he was asked if he knew he was close to his record (33 in a double OT game).

“It kind of felt like it. Like goodness. I missed a lot, too. That’s what I’m mad about.”


Another person who was a little mad was Damian Lillard. After Paul made a late-game layup for his 37th point, Lillard confronted his former State Farm co-star and even tried to slap the ball out of his hands.

Via The Oregonian

“I just asked him, I said, ‘What did you get out of that?’ He said, ‘Y’all wasn’t guarding.’ But we got back. There was two guys back. We got back. He was sprinting the court to get the layup and CJ [McCollum] was chasing him. I just felt like in that situation, if you’ve got to do that to go get the layup, what’s the point of it?”

“I think as far as sportsmanship goes and respect, if the roles were reversed, I don’t think they would like it,” Lillard said. “They had two guys up the floor. I think (Shabazz Napier) ran back, I ran back for that reason … we get two guys back and he pretty much sprinted down the court to get the layup. CJ was chasing him. At that point, you just wonder, like, what is that going to do for you? What was you trying to get right there? And that’s what I asked him.”


Paul was also upset about the tech he received from referee Scott Foster.

“There’s history there. He the man. That’s who they pay to see.”


The betting line was -7 and the layup by Paul pushed the Rockets lead to 9. This made some gamblers happy and some people I know very well (like the guy typing this) not so happy.

Just to be clear, I’m not saying the NBA is fixed or Chris Paul was aware of the score. But I’m also not saying I once heard a former NBA player admit some players are very aware of spreads late in games, especially when they are at the free throw line.

Anyways, back to CP3 and Dame…