Damian Lillard (& his $100+ million Adidas contract?) offends ringless Barry Sanders, Chris Webber & Karl Malone | Footlocker Ad

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What do Barry Sanders (greatest running back ever IMO), LaDainian Tomlinson, Chris Webber and Karl Malone have in common?  They all ended their careers without a championship ring and are all featured in this new hilarious Footlocker ad featuring Damian Lillard because they have bare fingers.

Damian Lillard doesn’t have a NBA championship ring either but with his new lucrative Adidas contract he can buy just about any other ring in the world.

via USA Today

While the exact figures of the eight-year deal were not immediately known, a person with knowledge of the contract said it is smaller only than that of Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose (reportedly $185 million over 13 years with Adidas) and the Miami Heat’s LeBron James (reportedly $20 million annually with Nike) among NBA players. If certain incentives are met, the deal could extend to 10 years. The person spoke on the condition of anonymity because the financial terms are not typically disclosed.

“Adidas has been great to me over my first two seasons,” said Lillard in a release. “I’ve had the opportunity to wear a lot of great product, help design special versions of shoes, be a part of TV commercials and travel the world with the brand. I’m excited for what the future holds for me and adidas.”

Hopefully that future holds something that Webber and Karl Malone never attained.



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