Damian Lillard Performs At Annual Community Picnic in Oakland

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Damian Lillard

On Saturday, Damian Lillard hosted his 4th annual community picnic in his hometown of Oakland, CA. Attendees were given free food, haircuts, back-to-school backpacks and gear. As for entertainment, there was horseback riding, jump rope contests and a concert put on by Dame’s alter ego, Dame Dolla, and rapper Brookfield Duce, the duo performed a song called “I wish I could tell you.”

“It’s real important for him to come here, to these domains, right here and give back to the people, you know, that he love the most,” Gina Johnson said to KRON4 about her NBA All-Star son.

Dame also talked to the Kron4’s Philippe Djegal about giving back to his community.

“These are people that showed you love and help you on the way up, so you gotta make sure when you can you come back and pick people up and inspire people and help people and show them that love that they showed you before people knew who you was.

Shout out to George at ten000hours for the rap concert video.