Damian Lillard tells a “rookie” Tracy McGrady to wash his car in new Footlocker ad

In the latest Footlocker ad, 24 year old Damian Lillard and a 35 year young Tracy McGrady joke about age and rookie hazing as the “young” T-Mac says he’s a rookie – in China (although he’s been playing in China for a couple of years now).

What makes me feel old is I remember when T-Mac was a entering the league as the next Penny Hardaway and leaving his rookie year with some critics, like his first head coach, saying he would be out of the league in a few years.

Here we are 17 years, 7 All-Star games, 2 scoring titles, $160+ million and 30k points later with rumors that T-Mac was thinking about trying to make a comeback after retiring from the NBA and retiring from baseball earlier in the year. McGrady shut down those rumors this morning with this Facebook post.

I know you all may have read the Bleacher Report article but I have no plans on coming back to the NBA. I’m a happily retired man.
Always appreciate the love you all give but my playing days are no more. Onto other ventures.