Damon Harge has sick handles & range | Class of 2018 - Summer Mixtape

Do you remember how far the 3-point line felt when you were in middle school?  For Damon Harge, the 3 point line is just a line where most of his defenders will stop at because they aren't expecting Harge to pull up from a couple of feet behind it.

Via City League Hoops

Damon Harge went into the AAU circuit with something to prove. Despite playing high school basketball for the third straight season and winning a state championship as Orlando Christian Prep's starting point guard, Damon Harge made it his mission to play against the best players in the country on the circuit.

After a great showing at the prestigious CP3 Rising Stars Camp where Damon was selected to play in the Dunk Dog All American Game many were convinced that Damon Harge is worthy of the hype and rankings he has received.

Damon  made his first appearance on Ballislife way back in 2011 when we called him "the top 6th grader in the country" and posted this pic of him with John Wall.

For more on Damon Harge and the 2014 CP3 Rising Stars Camp visit www.MiddleSchoolHoops.com



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