D’Angelo Russell – ESPN Office Assistant (& Future Laker?)

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D’Angelo Russell Kobe Bryant

If this basketball thing doesn’t work out for “the best basketball player in the 2015 draft” then I guess he could get a job as an “office assistant” at the ESPN offices…if they want an assistant that will break everything by throwing a ball at it.

I know it’s not the best ESPN commercial, so to make up for it, here’s a classic 1996 Sportscenter commercial with the late great Stuart Scott telling a rookie Kobe Bryant he needs to cuss more.

Speaking of Kobe and the Lakers, I wonder what advice Kobe will have for Russell who recently talked about the possibility of ending up in LA?

“If I were to go to the Lakers, I wouldn’t want anybody to hand me anything,” Russell told Yahoo Sports. “I wouldn’t expect Kobe to take me under his wing. I think he will want to see a resemblance of that hunger and fire that he came into the league with as a young kid. No one needs to be nicest guy in the world, or needs to pretend to be that. He will see through that, pick all that apart.

I’ve got to be me.”