Daniel “Booby” Gibson Releases New Rap Video – Suicide

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LeBron James

It’s been a while since we have heard Daniel “Booby” Gibson’s name in a basketball related story. For the past couple of years the NBA Rookie Challenge MVP has mainly just been in the headlines for his very public off and on relationship with singer Keyshia Cole.  And today he’s in the news for another non basketball related story, but since we featured just about every new rap video from Iman Shumpert, Stephen Jackson, Steve Francis and freestyles from Damian Lillard, it’s only right that we post Gibson’s new “musical short” called ‘Suicide.’


Late last year, Gibson sat down with VladTV for a pretty interesting interview about his life and career. He was also asked a few questions about ex-teammate LeBron who Gibson said “has a fear of being average.”