76ers Rookie Dario Saric Apologizes For Cursing Out Teammate On Live TV

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TJ McConnell Joel Embiid Dario Šarić

And you thought Joel Embiid making fun of porn stars on Instagram was funny. Here’s his teammate, Dario Saric, cursing out T.J. McConnell for dumping water on his head during a postgame interview after scoring 18 points in a win over the Nets.

The reporter in the video, the lovely Molly Sullivan, tweeted later that Dario “feels horrible about his choice of words… he was simply caught off-guard & told me, “did they not see my smile?” #trustthefriendship”

Dario then posted the following image of him and McConnell together with this friends forever caption: “This pic is evidence of true friendship and that my reaction was in the heat of the moment. I want to apologize to all fans and @tjmcconnell of course.”