Dave Chappelle was at the Warriors game! | Best of Chappelle Show

Players in this post:
Steph Curry Baron Davis Al Harrington


The last time the great “Dave Chappelle show” was on the air the Warriors were coming off a season where they were last in their division and held the active record for most consecutive seasons without a playoff appearance.  The leading scorers were Baron Davis and Al Harrington and Stephen Curry was a senior in high school.

Since this time we have seen Dave Chappelle leave the spotlight, by choice, and the Warriors go from “We Believe” to “We Suck” to “We Belong.”  Last night, despite a loss to the Spurs, Curry and the Warriors showed they belong in the playoffs and Dave Chappelle was there to show his support.

In honor of Chappelle, here’s a few of my favorite skits (that was available on YouTube) but first I want to post the great FULL video interview (that most people will overlook to watch the “funny stuff”) from Inside The Actors Studio.

You know the drill. If you are too immature or sensitive or easily offended go somewhere else and don’t watch the following videos.



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