Kent Bazemore & David Lee put on a dunk clinic at Rucker Park

Earl Manigault, Jackie Jackson, Herman Knowlings, Connie Hawkins, Joe Hammond, Pee Wee Kirkland, David Lee!  Maybe Golden State Warrior David Lee doesn't belong on the Rucker Park Hall of Fame list but he and teammate Kent Bazemore recently played at the famous court in  Harlem and put on a mini dunk clinic to the surprise of many in attendance.

To the heckling crowd that didn't know about David Lee's "hops" they must not remember his dunk on Gerald Wallace (below) while he was playing for the Knicks or him beating ex Knick James White in the 2001 McDonalds High School Dunk contest.  Now I'm not saying he's a better dunker than James because he won the Mickey D contest because by the rationale Candace Parker is a better dunker than JR and Josh Smith but I am saying the Billy Hoyle of Rucker Park can and will dunk.

The only thing that would of made this video better is if Kent Bazemore would have done one of his classic celebrations after a Lee dunk but he was busy creating his own highlights in the game as if he was still dominating the NBA Summer League.

Source: BSO | Video by JR SportsBrief 


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