David Stern chokes while drinking water at Nets game

Players in this post:
Chris Paul Deron Williams

There was a lot of choking last night at the Clippers/Nets game.  There was the Clippers fans reaction to their team losing to the Nets.  There was the crowd reaction when Deron Williams crossed over Chris Paul...twice!  Then we had David Stern almost checking out earlier than expected as commissioner of the NBA when he started choking on water that he was drinking out of a bottle as if he was dying of thirst.

The Clippers' fans will be ok, Chris Paul's ankles were just fine and Stern will live to finish the last days of his NBA career but I'm just glad the camera man knew the great moment was coming and filmed it and our friend MaxaMillion711 capped it and put it out for us and with that, I thank you (Yes that's a Daniel Tosh reference).



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