David Stern accidentally calls the Brooklyn Nets the New York Nets at 2015 All-Star announcement conference

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Julius Erving

At a press conference this past week, David Stern announced that the Knicks and Nets will jointly host the 2015 All-Star weekend at MSG and The Barclays Center.  The Brooklyn site will be the place to see all of Friday and Saturday’s events and the Garden will be the celebrity filled spot to watch the NBA All-Star game on Sunday.  During this announcement, Stern accidentally called the Brooklyn Nets the New York Nets.

If that wasn’t amusing enough, this video by NTDTV didn’t catch the slip up and repeated it in their report. 

In Stern’s defense, the Nets were the NY Nets back in the 60s and 70s and were named the Nets because it rhymed with the other NY teams “Mets” and “Jets.”  They also dominated the last couple of years in the ABA with MVP Julius Erving.

Here’s one basketball historian and New York basketball fan that you won’t ever have to worry about making that mess up.




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