David West didn’t appreciate Kevin Garnett’s impersonation of Lance Stephenson, said Lance’s blowing “was more sensual”

LeBron might be cool with it but David West didn’t care for another man to blow sweet nothings into his ear. During the first quarter of last night’s Pacers-Nets game, the Brooklyn Bully that is Kevin Garnett fouled West and then did his best Lance Stephenson impersonation by blowing in West’s ear. A pissed-off West pushed KG and was rewarded with a tech.

“I didn’t like that. I didn’t like it,” West said. “I just know it was too close and I didn’t like it. It was just too much. I don’t really play them games. We’re out there to play basketball, so let’s play basketball.

“Everybody was kinda looking at me trying to figure out what made me push him or whatever, but he blew in my face, an aggressive blow at that. I think Lance’s was more sensual, you know? That was an aggressive one.”

West finished the game with 17 points in an easy 110-85 win over the Nets. KG finished the game with just 6 points, 1 rebound and 4 fouls — not counting the non-sensual foul play on West.

Well, atleast he didn’t try to bite West.

But as annoying as the ear blowing thing is, it’s not as bad and gross as a wet willie.