DeAndre Jordan Does His Best Steph Curry Impersonation…Before Bending A Rim With A Dunk

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Steph Curry DeAndre Jordan

For 1 minute before the Warriors and Clippers game, DeAndre Jordan looked like Steph Curry on the court: the Clippers’ center did Curry’s pregame 2-ball dribbling routine on one side of the court while Steph did it on the other. Jordan wisely didn’t attempt to shoot half-court 3-pointers like Curry.

Obviously the comparisons ended once the game did tip-off, especially when Curry knocked down 10 of 12 free throws and DeAndre Jordan bent the rim on a dunk and grabbed 21 rebounds. With that said, Curry missing 2 free throws is pretty awful for him and Jordan making 2 of 4 from the line is almost Curry hot for him.