DeAndre Jordan Posterizes Pau Gasol Since Blake Griffin Wasn’t There To Do It Again

Dunk of the year? It’s debatable and yes IT IS a dunk! I’ve heard people say this isn’t a dunk because he didn’t touch the rim with his hands. These are the same people that said Dwight Howard’s Superman dunk in the NBA dunk contest wasn’t a dunk and most of Carmelo Anthony’s career dunks aren’t dunks because they didn’t touch the rim. I’m calling it a dunk and I’m calling this play on Pau Gasol a poster dunk of the year nominee.

This is also the 3rd time Gasol has been on a poster of the year nomination with a Clipper. Back in 2012, Blake Griffin, who is out with an injury, posterized Gasol twice in the same game!

Although I don’t think the Clippers can win a championship without Blake, they did pull off a 106-101 victory against the Spurs without him on Thursday. DeAndre Jordan had 11 points and 9 rebounds.

Back to funny moments between Clippers and Pau Gasol, one of the funniest has to be when he and Chris Paul got into it because CP3 didn’t like the idea of Gasol touching his head.