DeAndre Jordan Trash-Talking & Cursing Former Teammate Lance Stephenson At The FT Line

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Lance Stephenson DeAndre Jordan

Since being traded to the Grizzlies, former Clipper Lance Stephenson has become a fantasy basketball favorite again by putting up the best stats we have seen from him since his Pacers’ days in 2014. With those numbers comes Lance’s dances and celebrations, which often annoy the opposing team.

On Saturday, Lance got to face off against his former LA team and as evident by his trip to DeAndre Jordan’s least favorite spot on the court, DeAndre Jordan wasn’t appreciating Lance being Lance.

Shut yo punk a$$ up. Shoot the ball ****. You hit a couple layups in start talking $#it!

Mr Born Ready responded by hitting both and saying “get me hyped. get me hyped.”

Lance didn’t get too hyped with only 12 points, but he did help the Grizzlies get a 113-102 win while Jordan finished with 16 points, only 7 boards and missed 6 of his 10 free throw attempts.