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It’s funny how Rip Van Winkle aka Vanilla Ice went from little known rapper that BET’s Rap City actually showed first before Yo! MTV Raps to opening act for groups such as NWA and Public Enemy to one of the most popular music acts of the early 90s battling Hammer for best dancer in hip hop to “movie star (Cool as Ice, TMNT2)” to one of the most hated celebs in the world to the butt of jokes to the man indirectly responsible for the funding and success of Death Row records to reality star to accepted likable celeb that makes cameos in movies again to an in-demand artist performing with early 90s groups like NKOTB and Boz II Men to a much enjoyed half-time show artist at this weekend’s Texans vs Titans game.


13 year after Ice destroyed the master tape of “Ice Ice Baby” on the MTV special “25 Lame,” The Dallas native brought the karaoke favorite back to life and performed it to the delight of thousands of Texans fanatics including Houston native DeAndre Jordan who sang along to the song the Houston Press once called “the worst song to ever originate from Texas.”

In honor of Ice, I present you my favorite Vanilla Ice moments starting off with his uncomfortable interview on the original Arsenio Hall show.


Ballislife | DeAndre Jordan and Vanilla Ice

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