Déjà vu, Lonzo Ball Bounces Back With Near Triple-Double In His Second NBA Game

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What a difference a day makes. Remember when the internet trashed Lonzo Ball after his terrible summer league debut (2-15 fg, 1-11 3pt)? LaVar Ball said it was his son’s “worst game ever” and then told us he would be just fine. Lonzo responded with a triple-double (11/11/11) in his second game.

For the past 24 hours, the internet had another day of fun trashing Lonzo after his terrible NBA debut, which will mostly be remembered for defensive specialist and slightly crazy Patrick Beverley punking Lonzo both physically and verbally. LaVar Ball once again told us his son would be just fine after going off on Beverley for calling his son a “weak ass motherfucker.” Lonzo responded with a monster bounce-back performance, just one-assist shy of a triple-double (29/11/9). He did miss 15 of his 27 attempts (9 more attempts than any other player in the game) but it was nice to see him aggressive and connect on 4-of-9 threes after watching him go 3-of-11 in his last 3 games (including preseason).

“The last game I shot six shots,” Ball said. “That didn’t work out so well. Figured I’d try something else.

“Today I just had to do what I had to do to get the win. I had to shoot a few more shots. It doesn’t take me long to learn. It was my first time. Everybody is going to criticize me regardless of what I do, but the more I play, the more comfortable I get.”

Before you get too excited about Lonzo’s numbers and crazy stats like his 29 was the most points scored in road game debut since the Blazers’ Ron Brewer in 1978, these numbers did come against the Phoenix Suns squad that was down by 58 to the CJ-less Blazers a night earlier.