DeMar DeRozan Throws Down A Nasty Dunk After Elbowing The Defender

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DeMar DeRozan

DeMar DeRozan is really trying to embarrass and disrespect his international competition during the Team USA showcases. Earlier in the week he tried to throw down a 360 poster dunk against China, a couple days later he the threw down a windmill dunk with less than a minute left against Venezuela, and on Monday against Nigeria, he threw an elbow at a defender’s head before throwing down a nasty baseline dunk; The last time I remember a US player throwing down as many memorable dunks as this high-flying Raptor it was the original high-flying Raptor Vince Carter in 2000.

If that wasn’t harsh enough, DeRozan ended the night and game with a nasty alley-oop from his Raptor teammate Kyle Lowry to give the USA a 110-66 victory.

And for providing the best highlights of the night, his teammates videobombed him during a post-game interview.