DeMarcus Cousins ejected for flagrant foul 2 on Vince Carter

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The most talented big man in the league  might be looking at another suspension.  Last night against the Mavs, DMC was hit with an offensive foul on Vince Carter which was changed to a flagrant 1 then a 2 after review.  If this wasn’t DMC and his immature rep then I don’t think there would have been any foul upgrades. It doesn’t help that the foul was on Vince Carter who does have a history of hitting the floor hard on contact.

“It’s one of those things that you see coming but you can’t move fast enough,” Carter said.

It is also worth noting that DMC was going to have to leave the game even if he wasn’t ejected because the foul was his 6th.

Cousins did have a good game minus the not so good ending by scoring a game high 29 points and making the assist to Isaiah Thomas for the did-he-call-glass 3 pointer that put the game in OT.

Mavs would eventually win 117-112.

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