DeMarcus Cousins Goes Off! Crossover on Al Jefferson, Monster dunk on Derrick Favors, Gets ejected!

“We’re going to still love him and coach him. That’s all we can do.” – Kings coach Keith Smart on Cousins

Statistically DeMarcus Cousins has been a little disappointing this year.  Fantasy freaks had him ranked top 10-12 in the league and if you are in a roto league he even ranks ahead of Dwight Howard.  He’s not going to lead the league in shot blocking like Dwight but he can rebound with the best and has arguably the best offensive game out of any center in the league.  This wont end up on a boxscore but he also has the best handles out of all the big men in the league and last night that showed up in the 3rd quarter on one of many unsuccessful attempts of  Al Jefferson trying to guard him one on one.  DeMarcus hit Al with a crossover and went straight down the middle for a dunk.

Minutes later in the 3rd, it was up to the other 2 heads of the crowded front court of the Jazz  to try to stop Cousins.  All three crashed the boards on a missed Kings shot and Cousins got it between Favors (who was drafted 3rd by the Nets where Cousins felt he should of been drafted) and Milsap, took 1 dribble, made 1 bump and then threw it down on Favors.  Marvin Williams made a half attempt to help but was smart enough to pull back at the last second.  Cousins did the angry 1 leg stomp celebration, his teammates jumped off, Gavin Maloof was loving it  while some creepy fat guy (:28) loved how Gavin was loving it.

The celebration would only last for a couple minutes as Cousins found himself getting ejected again but this might be the first time the immature Cousins might not of deserved the extra love from the refs.  His first tech came after he slapped the ball out of Enes Kanter’s hands.  Kanter starter clapping in his face and the next thing you know Cousins was ejected.

[youtube id=”6dlpuqnZDsY” width=”600″ height=”350″]

The good news for the Kings is the ejected hyped up his teammates and they went on a 10-4 run and eventually won the game.  Most people probably wont remember the unjust ejection but you will probably be seeing highlights from this game all year long.

R.I.P Derrick Favors….or atleast until he or Milsap gets traded so they can both shine in the Fantasy world.

[youtube id=”roQLCR92ks0″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

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