DeMarcus Cousins Has Heated Exchange With Kevin Durant, Almost Punches Steven Adams

Now this is what Kings fans want to see: DeMarcus Cousins showing off his speed and power by splitting Kevin Durant and Steven Adams and throwing down 2 of his game-high 35 points.

What they didn’t want to see was Boogie missing 19 of 33 shots, 4 3-point attempts and 6 turnovers in a 15 point loss to Durant and the Thunder. They also didn’t want to see the league leader in techs (14 – 4 more than Draymond Green and Dwight Howard) have a heated exchange with Durant, which thankfully didn’t escalate past a few shoves.

And they definitely didn’t want to see Boogie leaving the game with an ankle injury in the 3rd quarter, returning in the 4th and almost knocking Steve Adam’s head off.  Again, thankfully this incident didn’t escalate and Boogie isn’t serving the longest suspension of his career by pulling a Kermit Washington on Rudy T.