DeMarcus Cousins Hits Game-Winner, Snubs Fans of High-Fives and Reporters of Answers

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Shaquille O’Neal DeMarcus Cousins

“How you gonna stop God’s plan?”

DeMarcus Cousins showed once again on Sunday night that he shouldn’t have been originally snubbed from the All-Star team as he put up 28 points, 12 rebounds and hit a game-winning jump shot against the Suns.

The win snapped a 6 game home losing streak but Boogie didn’t seem very willing to celebrate it.  The frustrated center who has been put through a lot in the media over the past few weeks, snubbed the home fans of high-fives and wasn’t too interested in talking about the game-winner or answering any questions during post-game interviews.

Boogie gave a quick rant about the drama he’s been experiencing in the past month, repeatedly asked “how you gonna stop God’s plan” and then said “the marathon continues” before walking off.


I don’t know about stopping “God’s plan” but according to this interview with Shaq last week, Boogie was given “The Big-Man Blueprint” by the MDE who “owns” the blueprint.