DeMarcus Cousins rejects handshake from J.J. Redick

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DeMarcus Cousins JJ Redick

Earlier in the week after a heartbreaking loss to the Clippers, the Kings' DeMarcus Cousins prevented teammate Isaiah Thomas from shaking hands with Chris Paul as they walked off the court.  During last night's OT thriller rematch,  the Clippers were once again victorious and when JJ Redick extended a hand to DeMarcus, Cousins gave him a FU look that is sure to turn into viral gold.  The only thing better than Cousins' expression was the one JJ had in return. 

Unfortunately for Redick, besides the cold shoulder, he also suffered a painful looking wrist injury during the game when he and Cousins collided going for a rebound. Redick still finished the game with 13 points in 17 minutes.



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