DeMarcus Cousins & JR Smith flagrant 2 fouls & ejections

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Two of the leagues most talented troublemakers, DeMarcus Cousins and JR Smith, had early exits in last night’s action as they were both called for flagrant 2 fouls and told to hit the showers.

Boogie was dominating the Bucks and according to coach Smart could have “scored 40 if not for his ejection” but his elbow just couldn’t resist Mike Dunleavy’s head.  This was DMC’s league leading 4th ejection and after the game Dunleavy attempted to explain what happened.

‘I wish I could understand it and how it works, but unfortunately I’m not that kind of guy.’ Dunleavy said after the game that Cousins only hurt his team with his actions. ‘I’m not even going to begin to reason with someone like that,’ Dunleavy said. ‘I don’t know where to begin. I don’t even know what happened the first time around. I thought I was just trying to box him out, a bunch of bodies fell and collapsed, and there was a timeout.

Next thing you know, he starts barking at me. We try to run a play, and he elbows me in the head. I don’t know.’ More Dunleavy: ‘He came up and confronted me about whatever. He’s just always talking, always running his mouth, you know? He should leave people alone.’ And still more from Dunleavy: ‘He came up to me and got in my face about stuff. And we’re here to play basketball, and this guy’s got other stuff going on, obviously.’”

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JR Smith’s ejection was a little more controversial as most people thought Joey Crawford’s flagrant 2 foul call was excessive.  Smith delivered a good hard foul to stop Harrison Barnes from scoring but because of Smith’s reputation and elbow contact, the refs believed it was warranted.  I disagree.


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