DeMarcus Cousins Mean Muggin After Crossing Mozgov Then Making The And1

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Timofey Mozgov DeMarcus Cousins

Another day, another big stat line from DeMarcus Cousins, another “that’s just not fair” move by Cousins and another day of people saying “that’s not fair” Cousins is stuck on the Kings.

On Thursday, Boogie put up a game-high 28 points to go with 9 rebounds as the the Kings lost a 19-point lead and ended up losing by 10 to the Lakers.

“I think our defense broke down towards the end. We let them get a lot of shots that they can hit and that gave them confidence,” Cousins said. “We should have buried them in the second half. But we gave them confidence and some momentum in this game for them to finish it out the way they did.”

When asked what happened to the the Kings aggressiveness in the 2nd half, he replied, “we played tender for certain reasons.”