DeMarcus Cousins Picks Up NBA Record 6 Fouls In 1 Quarter! 3rd Tech Of The Season

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DeMarcus Cousins Hassan Whiteside

DeMarcus Cousins missed both of the Kings games against the Heat last season due to suspensions. The 2nd game was because he exceeded 16 techs and at the rate Boogie is going this season, he’s going to easily reach 16 again. On Tuesday, in his 5th game of the season, Boogie picked up his 3rd tech. But that’s not the shocking stat of the night. The mind-blowing-NBA-record-tying stat is Boogie went into the fourth quarter with 0 fouls and fouled out with 30 seconds left in regulation on a potential game-winning shot attempt.

Without Boogie, who finished with 30 points and 7 boards, the Kings were outscored 17-5 in OT and lost 96-108.

Boogie’s former teammate Hassan Whiteside also had some foul trouble but didn’t want to comment on it.

“I don’t want to speak on that, because the NBA is going to take my money.”