DeMarcus Cousins flirts with triple double, dunks on Dudley & doesn’t allow teammates to shake hands with Chris Paul

After missing the potential game winning shot at the buzzer, DeMarcus Cousins, who also had a tech called on him with less than a minute left in the game, wasn’t in the mood for smiles and hand shakes after the buzzer.  When Chris Paul approached Cousins and Isaiah Thomas for a moment of good sportsmanship, Cousins grabbed Thomas and pulled him away before he could shake hands with CP3.

Besides the last minute of the game, Cousins did have a pretty impressive stat line of 23 points 19 rebounds and 7 assists.  Check out the best (and worst) DeMarcus Moments from the game including his dunk on Dudley to looking lost during a timeout to yelling “Rasheed” at DeAndre Jordan.






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