DeMarcus Cousins Scores 91 in Eric Bledsoe (85pts) Back-To-School Charity Game

NBA players putting up ridiculous numbers in summer pro-am and charity games is nothing new and usually not that surprising. In the past few months, we have seen players like Isaiah Thomas drop multiple 50 point games in the Seattle Pro-Am where Zach LaVine scored 49 a few weeks ago. Lance Stephenson put up 25 in a quarter over at Brooklyn’s Gersh Park. Lou Williams tallied 10o points over 2 games.  But those stats looked Hibbertish compared to the Wilt like numbers DeMarcus Cousins put up in Eric Bledsoe’s charity game in Birmingham, Alabama on Saturday: the All-Star Kings center scored 91 points – which was just 6 more than his former Kentucky teammate Bledsoe.

High-flying Houston Rocket KJ McDaniels and just as high-flying streetballer Baby LeBron (so the game featured a guy named Baby LeBron & Bledsoe who used to have the nickname “Mini-LeBron) of the Court Kingz also participated in the game.  I don’t know how many points they scored but considering how many Boogie and Bledsoe had, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear they  struggled and ended up with a measly 60 a piece.

The best number that came out of the weekend is 500-1000. That’s approximately how many hometown kids left Bledsoe’s first annual ‘Back-to-School Rally” at Railroad park with a bag full of school supplies.