Dennis Rodman dresses in Drag during legends basketball game in Argentina

Earlier this year when The Legends of Basketball made a stop in Korea to play an exhibition game and sing happy birthday to Kim Jong-Un, Rodman gave us a classic CNN meltdown interview.

The travelling team made up ex NBA players (Sprewell, Payton, Baker) and known streetballers (8th Wonder, Silk, Guy Dupuy) are on the road again and made a stop in Argentina this past weekend and as expected, Rodman didn't disappoint.


Seeing Rodman in drag isn't that big of a deal since he's been doing it since the 90s but seeing him play a game looking like a contestant on RuPaul's Drag Race is a big deal.

As for the actual game, if  you take away Rodman's sideshow act, there's a great high flying act in the game by the name of Guy Dupuy (pictured below w/ Rodman after the game).  If you visit Ballislife often then you have probably seen plenty of articles and videos about him but he's one of the greatest dunkers in the world and the most exciting player on the Legends of Basketball team.


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