Dennis Schroder dunks and then stares down Archie Goodwin

Players in this post:
Dennis Schröder Archie Goodwin

Dennis Schroder and Archie Goodwin were both given techs after Goodwin took exception to a post dunk stare down by Schroder. Goodwin got up and bumped Schroder who walked back to the bench.

You can’t blame Goodwin (a high flyer himself) for getting pissed because the only reason why Schroder’s dunk turned into a poster is because Goodwin came in flying from behind at the last moment.  Usually when you give a guy a staredown it’s because you went face to face with him and dunked on him.

Anyways, Schroder finished with 11 points, 6 assists and 4 boards in the Hawks win.