Dennis Smith Jr Uses His 48" Inch Vert(?!) For A Murder Attempt On Luis Montero

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Besides "slangin wood (Google it)," another talent Dennis Smith Jr has is the talent to make nasty posters with his rumored 48-inch vertical.

On Thursday night, Smith made a great one with the Kings' Luis Montero even though he missed the dunk/murder attempt. I know it's silly to celebrate missed shots but we are talking about Dallas and besides another year of Dirk and the arrival of Dingsanity, they don't have much to get excited about. Now they have a guy who can make viral videos on a nightly basis and even make the pre-game shootarounds fun.

The future NBA Dunk Contest contender finished with a game-high 25 points with 4 threes, 7 boards and 3 steals.