Denver Nugget Legend and NBA Hall Of Famer Alex English Talks Nuggets, His Career, Wilt, Kareem And More.

Alex English was one of the greatest scorers in NBA history. He decided to come on Positionless hosted by Oliver Maroney to talk about his life after basketball, meeting some of his favorite players growing up, what it was like to play for those historically great 80’s Nuggets teams and much more.

In the podcast, the two discussed this past season’s NBA conference Finals and Finals, and English went in-depth on why he felt the Nuggets were better suited to beat both Golden State and Toronto.

From receiving All-NBA, being the leading scorer in the league throughout the 80’s, winning playoff games, and being voted into the Hall Of Fame, English dished on what his most memorable accomplishments were and dove into his business endeavors off-the-floor as well.



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