Denzel Washington Does A ‘Training Day’ Scene On Inside The NBA

The great Denzel Washington joined the Inside The NBA crew on Monday night to talk about his upcoming sequel to The Equalizer and chat about sports. Some of the highlights include him talking about watching the infamous Kevin McHale clothesline on Kurt Rambis in person, the Lakers “rebuilding year,” knowing when you are making a bad movie (something Shaq also knows a lot about), and doing a censored version of the famous King Kong speech from Training Day.

As funny as it was to hear Denzel bring back Alonzo Harris, it wasn’t as funny as Denzel’s voice over Robin Lopez getting ejected.

At the beginning of the Inside the NBA clip, Shaq said he’s never seen a bad Denzel film. Washington admitted he’s done a few and here’s my list of his worst films (post St. Elsewhere).

  1. Virtuosity (probably Russell Crowe’s worst film too and that’s saying a lot!)
  2. Heart Condition
  3. The Bone Collector
  4. 2 Guns

And here’s my top 3 most underrated Denzel films.

  1. Devil in a Blue Dress
  2. Ricochet
  3. Fallen