Derek Fisher’s Top 4 Dunks (feat. Bradley & Iverson)

There was a time when I thought 6’1″ Derek Fisher was going to be a Robert Pack-type point guard, capable of throwing down surprise dunks on centers on a normal basis. You might be thinking I’m crazy to say such a thing about the lefty coach of the Knicks, but if you watched him as a rookie, you probably wouldn’t.

Not only did Fisher have an impressive dunk in his very first game and put Allen Iverson on a poster during the Finals, the 5 x NBA champion even once threw down a dunk on Shawn Bradley! Yeah, Yeah, Bradley has been dunked on by every player and his momma — ESPN even made a documentary about him getting dunked on — but the point I’m trying to make about Kobe’s all-time favorite teammate is that Fisher showed signs of being a “little man dunker” and not just a clutch shooter and master flopper.

Here’s some proof…

I was really hoping to find 5 dunks but I couldn’t find a fifth and the following rookie card doesn’t count.

$_57 (3)

What I was able to do after an hour of watching Derek Fisher videos was put together a montage of some clutch shots with a better quality version of his dunk on Allen Iverson.

I also can’t put “dunk” and “Derek Fisher” in the same sentence without bringing up the time he was dunked on by Corey Brewer.

And here’s that awesome poster from Slam Magazine.


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