Deron Williams crosses Chris Paul twice in Nets win

Do you remember when people were arguing who was better out of Chris Paul, Deron Williams and Raymond Felton? AKA the trio of point guards from the 2005 NBA draft that the Hawks passed on so they could select Marvin Williams with the 2nd pick.  The argument soon became just a Paul vs Williams one and now it's mainly just a conversation about how much better Cp3 is to Williams, but last night Williams turned back the clock a little and put up 15 points against Paul (20 points) as the Nets won their 3rd straight!

In the second quarter where the Nets outscored the Clippers 36 to 19, Deron also had two crossover highlights on Paul.  Those highlights weren't "ankle breakers" and Paul was "not on skates" but he did get crossed and Williams did convert.

If we surveyed most basketball fans now and asked who was better between the two talented guards, CP3 would still dominate but the win did give Deron a 15-5 record against Paul.  As for Felton, he might be better off in a conversation with Cliff Paul.

Since we are on the topic of exaggerated crossovers, here's Chris Paul's "deadly," "ankle breaker" on Deron Williams that had Deron "on skates."  "Daaaaaaamn," that was a "sick crossover!"




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