Derrick Favors explodes for 24 & 17 and 1 nasty dunk on DeAndre Jordan

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Derrick Favors DeAndre Jordan

It’s not easy for a big man to put up big numbers against the big Clippers line-up of Blake and DJ but Derrick Favors exploded for 24 points, 17 rebounds and 1 nasty dunk on DeAndre Jordan to put the first 2 points on the board for the Jazz last night.  Favors has 55 rebounds in his last 4 games and if you like to target breakout stars in your fantasy league then do yourself a favor and draft Derrick in the 3rd round of your draft.

He has a new contract and no longer has to compete with Milsap for minutes.

Derrick Favors, DeAndre Jordan


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