Derrick Fish…Favors makes the game winning dunk in the Lakers/Jazz game |

With 2.1 seconds on the clock, Utah’s Derrick Favors caught Gordon Hayward’s missed layup and dunked it for the game winning basket of the game.

For long-time Laker fans this game just hurts.  Seeing the Jazz end their 4 game home losing streak while handing the Kobe-less Lakers their 4th straight loss and seeing Utah score twice as many fast break points as LA just doesn’t sit well with people that are used to seeing Derrick Fisher not Favors play last second hero.

“I think this is my first game-winner — ever. It feels good. We’ve got to get ready for tomorrow now, so we’ve got to have a short memory about this one.”
– Derrick Favors 

For the Laker fans with long term memory, here’s ice cream and a band-aid in the form of Derrick Fisher to make you forget about last night.




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