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Leave Derrick Rose alone. He didn't want to do the Shmoney dance after winning a gold medal, he didn't want to dance at the All-Star game, he didn't dance when he was named MVP in 2011, he didn't dance when he was the rookie of the year or when he won the 2009 Skills challenge and I don't expect him to dance if he wins a NBA championship either.

This dancing story (yes story) actually goes back to the 2011 All-Star game. Β When asked before a game against the Orlando Magic about having to dance during the All-Star game intros, a scared sounding Rose said,

"I'm not doing that.Β I'm ... not ... doing ... that. No, I'm not dancing. They'll be mad. I'm not doing that. That's just ... Oh my God.Β I'm going to look silly. Then they show that video forever. They show it forever so it's going to be bad. I hope [I don't have to]. You just made me think about it."

Rose then said he dances at "intimate little things" like Barbecues but isn't willing to embarrass himself in front of thousands of fans.

"I don't like seeing people embarrass themselves," Rose said. "Like in a movie, I'll turn the channel if somebody's about to embarrass themselves or something like that. So for me to do it, it would be crazy. Unless it's like a rookie starting [and older players are saying] you got to do it, I'll have to do it. but if not I'm not doing it."

A year later, a much more serious and defensive sounding Rose talked about the topic at the 2012 All-Star game.

"I can dance," Rose said after the game. "But there's a time and place for that and I don't think it was right then and there."

The irony is Rose wont dance because he's afraid of people making fun of him but his act of not dancing actually generated more jokes, memes and videos than any dances that any other player did.

"I don't care," Rose said. "You just know that's me, man. If you would have saw me out there dancing, you would have been looking at me different. I'm just me. I can't be anybody else. I think that's what people see."

In honor of Rose's refusal to dance, here's a tribute.



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