Did Derrick Rose steal a shirt from a little kid?

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Derrick Rose

Gimme that beat fool, it’s a full time jack move”

Damn, Derrick Rose is stealing money from the Bulls and now he’s stealing shirts from their fans! Obviously I’m kidding about both statements and I’m assuming since Rose also grabbed a sharpie from the kid that he’s going to the lockeroom to get Jimmy Bucket’s signature.

Well, you can get autographed memorabilia of Butler for less than $10 on Ebay and Noah isn’t worth much more so I bet the kid would have been happier with just a Derrick Rose signature since the other John Hancocks will devalue the shirt.

I’m kidding again but hopefully the next time I’m talking abut Derrick Rose and theft it’s going to be because of a play like this one.

One last thing about Derrick Rose, he’s one of the most “giving” athletes around right now and recently donated a million dollars to a Chicago Charity called After School Matter.

Rose has also reportedly paid for a few local funeral including rapper Lil Jo and a 6-month old baby – both were shot.

Source: Reddit