Derrick Rose Talks About Progressing His Game In AAU At DROSE 5 Release

adidas officially unveiled the Drose 5 with boost technology this past sunday. Derrick who was interviewed by Greg Anthony let us know that they will be dropping in color ways related to his favorite candy which is Skittles (the original pack). It was pretty cool to find out he actually has a Skittles machine at his house. The shoes of course have a lot of input from Rose and were designed by Robbie Fuller. Rose seemed excited to get back on the court for USA basketball and was outspoken in saying he’s looking forward to proving the many people who doubt he can return to original form wrong.

Instead of asking Derrick the same questions he has been answering for the last 2 years, we decided to take a trip to history lane. We actually followed Derrick in 2006 when he played in Meanstreets Express alongside Eric Gordon at the Reebok Bigtime event when he faced then #1 player OJ Mayo and his D1 Greyhounds Squad. There was a very questionable foul call on Derrick at the end of the game where Derrick jumped “by” OJ. OJ got the foul call and hit the shot to connect on a 4 point play and win the game where they were down 3 before the 4 point play.

Here’s the video of that game:

Derrick goes on to talk about how AAU basketball really helped him become the player he is today. Playing on powerhouse Simeon High School in Chicago, Derrick talks about barely averaging double figures because his team was so good. On his AAU team however, he had to take the role as a leader and the scorer. As for advice for today’s generation, Derrick had this to say:

What scares me about that, with AAU, being wore out, I think parents should control some of their kids traveling. If you think about it as a kid, you play in so many games as a kid. Some days you play in 3 or 4 games. That adds up, later on, I’m not talking about a year from now or whatever. I’m talking about when these kids get to high school or even go to college. You play so many games, you have so many games under your belt. You have so many games under your belt, you are not taking care of your body when you are in high school. It’s just a lot of wear and tear on your body at such a young age.

With that being said, I completely agree. Not only are kids experiencing 3-4 games a day, they are experiencing what seems like a lot more tournaments and camps than they ever did before. I remember there being under 10 major events that were a can’t miss for a player that included tournaments and camps. For us, I think this year alone, since the spring period began, we have gone to at least 30 events across the country. Many of these events run at the same time as other events, but at the same time these kids are traveling and playing in what seems like 40+ games from the spring until the end of the summer after coming off a long HS season. Is playing in this many events/games really going to benefit that much?

Here’s the new DROSE 5 w/Boost due to come out Oct 23, 2014 for $140

adidas-Boost-Derrick-Rose-5 adidas-d-rose-5-boost-group- adidas-d-rose-5-boost-group drose adidas-d-rose-5-boost-group-black

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