Derrick Williams Explodes For 16 4th Quarter Points As Porzingis Sits Out The Quarter

Derrick Williams scored 16 of his 18 points, which included a pair of nice dunks, during the 4th quarter of the Knicks win against the Pistons on Tuesday night.

“It was fourth-quarter time. I just wanted to be aggressive,” Williams said. “That’s what I do best, attacking and creating mismatches.”

The game also marked his 4th consecutive with 10+ points and 18+ minutes for Williams. Those might not be mind-blowing numbers but it’s a sign of production close to what I was expecting to see from him all year long with the Knicks – especially because of how well he played during the preseason and on opening night (24 points & 7 rebounds). Then the supposed-to-be-a-bust Kristaps Porzingis became a NBA sensation and Williams struggled to get minutes and touches during the first month and a half.

Williams 4th quarter outburst on Tuesday came with Porzingis on the bench, so hopefully Derek Fisher can find a way to allow both Williams and Porzingis to play and play well for the Knicks.  The good news is Porzingis was a good sport about sitting out the 4th last night.

“This was fun to watch the dunks,’’ Porzingis said. “It’s tough to swallow when you lose. It’s not tough to swallow when you don’t play and win. Fourth quarter in close moments, I want to be on the floor. We won the game. I’m happy. I’ll have my chance next game.’’