Design Sketches For Your Favorite Sneakers

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Dwyane Wade


Today is the final day for designers to submit a sketch for the #MakeYourOwnWow Design Sneaker Contest for Dwyane Wade’s new shoe. Some of the submissions so far have been pretty exceptional, some were  OK and some were just flat out awful.  But to be fair, a sketchy looking sketch can actually turn out to be a pretty fresh successful one….just look at the Kanye sketch above.

Here’s a few examples collected by Complex of some very popular shoes and an early flat sketch of them.

Nike Air Yeezy by Kanye West


Nike Air Foamposite One by Eric Avar

nike-air-foamposite-one-eric-avar-1-524x338 nike-air-foamposite-one-eric-avar-524x338

Reebok The Pump by Paul Litchfield

reebok-the-pump-paul-litchfield-1-524x338 reebok-the-pump-paul-litchfield-524x338

adidas Crazy Light 2 by Robbie Fuller

adidas-crazy-light-2-robbie-fuller-2-524x338 adidas-crazy-light-2-robbie-fuller-524x338

Nike Air Jordan III by Tinker Hatfield
nike-air-jordan-3-tinker-hatfield-1-524x338 nike-air-jordan-3-tinker-hatfield-524x338


Nike Air Flight Huarache by Eric Avar

nike-air-flight-huarache-eric-avar-2-524x338 nike-air-flight-huarache-eric-avar-524x338

Air Barkley Max


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