Devin Booker Catches Fire AGAIN vs the Mavs, Hits ANOTHER Game-Winner

Most of the league’s best have the confidence to take the last shot and believe it’s going in but how many players have teammates that have the same amount of confidence in them? Devin Booker does. When Booker took Wesley Matthews one-on-one and attempted a fadeaway jumper at the buzzer for the win over the Dallas Mavs, veteran teammates Eric Bledsoe and Tyson Chandler both put their hands up in celebration before the ball swished through the net. That’s confidence and that’s something considering Booker is just a 2nd-year player.

“Coach asked me did I want a screen,” Said Booker, who scored 25 of his 36 in the 2nd half , 14 in the final quarter and the last 8 for the Suns. “I said no because I figured they’d double-team it, so I just went with isolation. With Wesley (Matthews) being one of the better defenders, I knew it was going to be a tough shot, so I shot a little fadeaway and it went.”

To remind you how special this kid is, here’s a few other special moments from this season, including his career-high 39-point performance vs the Dallas Mavs.

  • Booker scores 27 points in 7 minutes and 14 seconds vs the Bucks (VIDEO)
  • Booker scores 28 of his 39 points in the 4th quarter vs the Mavs (VIDEO)
  • Booker hits game-winner vs the Knicks (VIDEO)