Devin Booker Celebrates His First Ejection By Giving A Thumbs Up & Signing An Autograph

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Kenneth Faried Devin Booker

Don’t let the smile and good looks fool you. Devin Booker is a killer. I don’t mean he’s a killer as in he capable of lighting up your team. He can do that, but I’m saying he’s a killer because I think the former Wildcat just might kill somebody…or maybe just try to F someone up real bad.

I’m obviously joking but after seeing him get into a little “scuffle” with Boogie Cousins a couple of weeks ago and seeing how cool and calm he was after his ejection on Wednesday night, I think there might be some Travis Bickle crazy deep inside of him.

As for that ejection, it was a pretty confusing and amusing sight. After getting fouled by Kenneth Faried, he was hit with his second tech of the game for supposedly saying something to Faried. A confused Booker stepped to the free throw line to shoot his freebies and then was told he’s being ejected. Booker not only stayed calm, he gave a thumbs up, walked off the court with a smile and even signed an autograph!

“I didn’t know I was ejected,” Said Booker, who had 24 (should have been 26) in the loss. “It was my first ejection, it’s something new.”