Devin Booker Doesn’t Want To Leave Mexico After Back-to-Back 39 Point Games

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Devin Booker

After the Suns win over the Spurs in Mexico on Saturday, Coach Earl Watson said Devin Booker, who followed up his career-high 39 vs the Mavs with another 39-point game, doesn’t want to leave Mexico. When Booker was asked by a (hot) local reporter about his hot shooting and if Mexico is a “luck charm” for him, the red-hot 20-year old said, “I would like to think that” before saying “we need to make it back here sometime” and hopefully the Suns can become the “team favorite in Mexico city from here on out.”

I don’t blame him (10 minute mark of the following video) and his 39 point scoring average.

And here’s another media member I rather sit next to than some of the guys I’m used to seeing.

And here’s Booker scoring 29 of his 39 points in the 4th quarter of his first game in Mexico.