Devin Booker Duels With Klay Thompson, Gets Career-High 11 Assists

For 3 quarters it was the Brandon Knight show and then Steph Curry (and the refs) took over the 4th as the Warriors pulled off a comeback victory against the Suns. Lost in the buzz about the comeback, Curry's look away 3-pointer, Klay Thompson getting crossed by Knight and even Instant O Mo Buckets scoring 25 in just 18 minutes, was red-hot rookie Devin Booker following up back-to-back 30+ games with a career-high 11 assists to go with 18 points.

It's a little tough to celebrate Booker's recent play since the Suns are on a 3 game-losing streak but what the 19 year old is doing is praise worthy. And no offense to Klay, the comparisons between the two should stop. Yes, Booker (literally) looks like a 3rd Splash Brother but Booker already has a better all-around game. Did I mention that Booker had 0 turnovers to go with those 11 assists?

If you think I might be hyping up Booker a tad, then you probably wont enjoy this graphic, which was created just for fun.